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February 16 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 03:45 ]
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Hogtied is about variety. We give you the most new faces of any Hardcore BDSM site on the net. Now we bring you a different view on the subject itself. Lochai is an accomplished Shibari rope master. His style is his own, and we all learn from the different ways and techniques that the huge world of BDSM provides. There is no right, there is no wrong, there is only bondage.

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February 14 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 02:48 ]
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Amber Rayne is back and the Sgt. does what he does best. He breaks Amber in with a tight crotch rope and then he has his way with our pretty little shaved girl next door. With elbows bound tightly together Amber is forced to suck cock. Not happy with just that the Sgt uses her ass and uses it well. Finally Amber gets tied spread and ass fucked into submission.

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February 13 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 05:50 ]
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Beautiful, sexy, flexible, and beyond tough, Ariel X loves bondage and being dominated. She's so tough we subjected her to one of our LIVE SHOOTS. What does that mean? No breaks, no editing, and over an hour of non stop action. You see it all; you see all the tying, all the talking, all the interaction that takes place between rigger and model. This is 100% real action with no cuts. You get all of the raw footage. Most importantly, let me tell you this session was intense! Ariel X took everything we could toss at her within our shooting rules. She endured two category five suspensions, a zipper (OUCH!), multiple forced orgasms, hard caning, and flogging. This girl took it all, with no breaks, no rest. So, we present to you over an hour of real-time BDSM at its finest.



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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 02:16 ]
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Where can you find a previously-ranked bodybuilder in hardcore bondage? The answer is nowhere, until today. Welcome Lynn McCrossin, known as the PecPanther. All those muscles don't mean anything when you are bound up with 4 strand German hemp! Once you get these muscle-bound hotties tied up and helpless, they are just like any other girl. Their pussies get wet, and their struggling only turns them on more. PecPanther is made to cum and cum, loving every minute of it until she actually begs for it to stop.

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February 10 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 08:31 ]
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Bobbie Starr's first ever appearance as an adult model was here at Kink. We knew we found something special in her, not is she only smart and beautiful, but she is talented as well. Bobbie just won the CAVR Starlet of the Year award. Other past winners are Tera Patrick, Hillary Scott and Naomi. We want to recognize and congratulate Bobbie for her award, as this is the first time a hardcore bondage model has made it to the porn industry "A" list. The best part is no matter how famous she gets she will always come back to shoot for Hogtied.

Bound in metal, sex with dildos, safe electro play, all tied up into one!


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February 09 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 11:50 ]
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Glamour bondage meets Hogtied. Christina Carter is well known in the "Glamour Bondage" world. Extremely beautiful, sexy, and busty, Christina is also one other thing: Extremely tough! There are only a couple models who can pull off both glamour bondage and Hogtied style bondage and Christine is definitely one of them. It's so fun listening to glamour models begging to cum, and then begging to stop cumming. Make up your mind I always say.

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February 07 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 05:08 ]
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Alexa lies on the floor with leather straps binding her in a strict hogtie. She can barely move any part of her body, yet she still manages to remain chipper when cyd interviews her, welcoming her back to DB for her third shoot. Alexa is slowly becoming a bondage slut as time goes by... We soon find her seated on the floor, a spreader bar at her ankles and another at her knees. A collar around her neck is chained to her knees and also up to the ceiling, keeping her upright. Her arms are wound around her neck in tightly laced leather opera gloves. She is uncomfortable, heaving sighs as though sighing will help relieve some of the pressure on her body. cyd forces her mouth into a big smile by tying the corners back behind her head. Her nostrils are pulled up with a nosehook, completing the look. Alexa's stretched and distorted face now resembles the classic stable of Halloween. She drools and whines until cyd presses a vibrator to her clit. Soon a thick cock is shoved in her pussy and left there with the vibrator attached. Alexa's eyes roll back into her head as she comes over and over.

An intense exploration in hardcore bondage.

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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 02:05 ]
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This BONUS weekend update is part 1 of a tutorial series that we have done for the membership. This first addition is a rope tutorial on the Japanese arm tie. If you're interested in improving your rope skills check it out.

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February 06 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 05:34 ]
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Babydoll is without doubt the most orgasmic person I have ever met. She came several times while being singletailed, several more times while having her tits and ass caned, and several more times again when being drilldoed. I couldn't help feeling somewhat jealous of her gift. Personally, I have to work pretty hard to achieve the same goal (once).

Bound in metal, sex with dildos, safe electro play, all tied up into one!

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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 03:28 ]
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Jade Marxxx loves bondage and has plenty of experience as a BDSM model. She is talkative and chipper during her interview, but even she admits she's nervous for her first Devicebondage shoot. As her mind races wondering what is in store for her, her words and thoughts tumble over each other and at one point she forgets who is being interviewed and begins asking cyd questions. Strapped and chained into a squat, Jade's thighs burn, the balls of her feet are in agony as they strain in her high heels. Cyd gives her aching body a quick taste of relief with the vibrator pressed hard to her wet clit. It's just enough to keep her going before he tortures her flesh some more with a flogger and some nipple clamps. "Just think of the vibrator," he tells her. Soon she gets what she's been waiting for, and her gag-muffled shouts of "Oh my god!" fill the room as she comes hard. Next she is spread eagle, bent forward with her face pressed against a post. Jade endures a good flogging and comes over and over and over again, her feet rising off the floor at times as her orgasms shake her body. Finally she has to beg for it to stop and her cunt drips everywhere. Later, spent and out of breath, she tells the crew that this was the hardest and best shoot she has ever done in her life.

Vulgar, shocking, but mostly hot XXX action!

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February 03 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 12:43 ]
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The first scene opens with an overhead shot of Sasha Grey in a straitjacket with the straps pulled brutally tight, kneeling on the hard wood floor in strict ball tie and completed with a secure face harness gag controlling her head and forcing her neck back as far as it will go without choking her air off. Sasha moans, trying to find a way to deal with the tension, but cyd comes in and impossibly finds a way to pull the strap on her head harness even tighter. He whips her. He vibrates her. He leaves her to her ordeal. She screams, she comes, but she is bound so tight she cannot even move her body a half inch, except for her toes. The shoot goes on, followed by extra footage of another girl.



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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 09:58 ]
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Unfortunately, we decided not to pursue BondageTrials as a new site. We were worried about models trying too hard to win their trial, and not using their safe word as a result. We are presenting our initial shoots here on hogtied as BONUS (EXTRA) updates. Jenni Lee and Mallory battle it out. Bondage, and ideas by Peter.

Our newest Kinky site where you can find high definition live shows of sexy woman being restrained and dominated like you have never seen before.


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